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Sustainable impact investing in real estate: an investor’s view

Published: November 2020

If we are to transition to a low-carbon economy, decarbonising real estate will be essential. Buildings account for around a third of total final energy consumption globally. Katie House, from our sustainability team, outlines why investors choose sustainable real estate and the challenges to investing in this asset class.

Justin Eeles interview: Observations from the desk

Published: May 2020

With so much uncertainty in markets at present, many investors are wondering what this means for green, social and sustainable bonds.  We have asked Justin Eeles, our CIO, to share his latest perspective on markets and the future outlook with a short Q&A.  

Market Comment: Combating COVID-19 through Impact Bonds

Published: April 2020

In response to the pandemic, many countries around the world have announced initiatives to support employment, public health and individuals, including those with existing vulnerabilities and underlying health problems. 

From Molten Brown to Liquid Green

Published: November 2019

The green bond market was born in the midst of the global financial crisis of 2008 – a liquidity-driven crisis culminating in a credit crunch and worldwide recession. General concerns about bond liquidity have persisted ever since.

Risk Levels in Corporate Debt

Published: July 2019

In this piece, we discuss risk levels in corporate debt and its potential future effects on the wider market. We outline what we believe to be the reasons behind the decline in credit quality, and how we are taking this into account within our own portfolios.

Assessing Physical Risk of Green Bonds

Published: April 2019

AIM partnered with South Pole to produce this case study as part of our continued commitment to pioneering best practice in green bond verification, impact measurement and reporting.


Tales from the High Arctic: Navigating Climate Risks

Published: October 2018

In 2018, we participated in the annual Ny-Ålesund Symposium, which focused on climate risks. We explore here how the green bond market can help investors navigate climate risk.

Sovereign Green Bond Rules Supreme

Published: January 2018

Sovereign bonds deserve investors’ attention for the unique sustainability gains they can bring. A close analysis reveals how scale, synergies and sovereigns’ exclusive access to specific sectors can create some unique sustainability benefits. What are the drawbacks that could reduce impact?

Launching the Carbon Yield Methodology

Published: October 2018

The Carbon Yield is a new metric looking to quantify the environmental impact of a Green Bond in terms of GHG emissions avoided through the financed activities. In this piece, we go deeper into the methodology.

Seeking Shelter From the Storm

Published: October 2017

Estimated projections for population and the carbon intensity of economic growth make it increasingly clear that we may be locked into at least a 2.0°C warming scenario. With extreme weather events expected to become more frequent and ferocious with global warming, we must begin to adapt and build for resilience.

Opening the Flood Gates for Green Water Bonds

Published: May 2018

4.5 billion people globally are without access to adequate sanitation and 2.1 billion lack access to clean drinking water. If water management is so critical, why haven’t we seen more labelled Green Water Bond issuance?