Who We Are

Corporate Sustainability

The way we run our business is aligned with how we invest. This shapes our approach to our team, our clients, our suppliers and our partners.

To read our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report please click here.


Diversity & Inclusion

Whether we are assessing potential investment opportunities or welcoming new people to the team, diversity and inclusion bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. We have a 50:50 gender balance across senior management and there are 10 languages spoken fluently in our offices.

Carbon Offsetting

Some of our business activities require travel and, as a result, unavoidable carbon emissions. We measure the carbon footprint of our business travel and office operations, and purchase at least an equal amount of carbon credits from the UNFCCC-certified projects that support sustainable, lower-emission alternatives to existing practices. Carbon credits are not the complete solution, but they help us to mitigate our overall environmental impact.

Use of Water, Energy & Materials

We commit to social and environmental best practice in our daily operations and align our governance practices to our values of integrity and transparency. For example, we are committed to operational carbon neutrality for scope 1 and 2 emissions. This means we regularly review our use of water, energy, materials and office furnishings to make sure we are holding ourselves to account.


In our view, maximising the wellbeing of our team also helps us maximise our impact for clients. We have clear policies in place that support educational and career development; offer flexible working conditions; provide 26 weeks’ parental leave; and secure the health and safety of our team.


Our employees’ sustainable mindsets extend to their daily commutes. Given our offices’ central locations, we strongly encourage our team to use bicycles, public transportation or shared rides whenever possible when commuting to work or travelling on business.

Recycling & Zero Waste

In our offices, we have on-site processes for the separation, collection and recycling of different types of waste materials. We recycle office paper, cardboard, drink containers and other items, including toner cartridges for our printers. We donate or responsibly recycle all used electronic equipment. Our team also uses non-disposable drink containers, plates and utensils. We offer electronic versions of all of our marketing, research reports and other print materials to minimise paper use and limit print materials whenever possible. We also partner with Oddbox to source fresh produce for our offices that has been rescued from going to waste.

Community Engagement

Our team actively engages in the communities around them. From environmental projects, such as river and park clean-ups, to social initiatives, such as community kitchens, our employees look to expand their passion for impact beyond their careers and into their personal lives.