Further Reading

Further Reading

Here is a selection of what we have been reading and listening to.

Stephen Fitzgerald: Green bonds, impact reporting and farming in Sussex

John Treadgold of the Good Future Podcast hosts an insightful discussion with Stephen, Managing Partner. Stephen touches on how impact investing has evolved over the years, continued client interest across all age brackets and why impact investing is the future.

Cheap Talk and Cherry-Picking: What ClimateBert has to say on Corporate Climate Risk Disclosures

A paper published by ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) which explores the progress (or lack thereof) of corporate climate disclosures through NLP analysis.

Remarks by Mark Carney given during the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit 2019

At the UN Climate Action Summit, the Governor talks about the importance of a sustainable financial system.

Carney says it can help to amplify the impacts of climate policies and accelerate the transition to a lower carbon economy. Carney calls for a step change in reporting and risk management. And Carney argues for an optimisation of sustainable finance into everyday mainstream financial decision-making.

Sir Roland Cohen: A new economic system through Impact-Weighted Accounts from Good Future

A Good Future podcast in which Sir Ronald Cohen discusses his new book, Impact: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change.

Beyond ESG incorporation: how the SDGs can help investors shape outcomes in the world

A PRI blog by Shelagh Whitley, Director of ESG and SDGs, PRI and Marcel Jeucken, Managing Director, SustFin Ltd. discussing how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can provide a lens through which investors can align themselves with the needs of the wider world.

Beyond Screening: The Evolution of Impact Investing

An interview with Taylor Jordan, Former Co- Founder, Imprint Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Taylor discusses his expectation that ESG and impact investing will continue to go mainstream and be fully incorporated into investment solutions over the long term.

Total Portfolio for Activation Impact: A Strategy to Move Beyond ESG

A white paper from the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship laying out an investment approach for investors committed to generating positive social or environmental impacts while also maintaining competitive financial returns.