Vision, Mission & Focus

Our Vision

Our vision is to mobilise capital to address the major challenges the world faces.  By establishing and growing an organisation that is solely concentrated on broadening and deepening the impact bond market, we believe impact investing can become a significant focus of the $110tn global bond market. In a paper produced by the OECD in 2007, it was predicted that by 2035 annual issuance of the impact bond market could reach US$620bn-720bn, with a total market value of US$4.7tn-5.6tn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manage fixed income portfolios that generate positive environmental and social impact without compromising financial returns. By building a culture that is aligned to our values, delivering strong performance and portfolios with impact, which are supported by quality operations and excellent client engagement, we attract and retain a high-performing team.

Our Focus

Our focus is on fixed income and cash instruments that both deliver competitive returns and generate meaningful positive environmental and social outcomes. We promote robust verification, reporting and active engagement, to generate consistent performance and sustainable impact in accordance with the international climate agreements and the Sustainable Development Goals. Through our core values of integrity, transparency, fairness and intellectual rigour, we endeavour to be a trusted adviser for our clients.

Responsible Investment

At AIM, responsible investment is integral to everything we do. We believe in positive selection of securities, integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, application of exclusionary criteria and support for allocating capital to issuers transitioning to a low carbon economy and generating positive social impact. 

Read our Responsible Investment Policy here.