Our Policies

We prioritise clear and transparent disclosure of our Policies. You can find below links to these Policies.

Engagement Policy

We view engagement as an integral part of a Responsible Investment. Our Engagement Policy explains how we define, execute and report on our engagement activity.

ESG Policy

 Our ESG Policy explains how we integrate ESG considerations into our investment analysis, including in-depth credit and sustainability verification of both issuers of bonds and the issues themselves. 

Exclusionary Criteria

We take a firm stance against industries that produce negative externalities. From tobacco to gambling, weapons to coal, our Exclusionary Criteria clearly articulates investments in issuers that we avoid.

Divestment Criteria

If we believe an issuer or issue is no longer suitable, we will remove them from our investment universe. Our Divestment Criteria articulate the process for the sale of these holdings from our portfolios.

People Policy

We promote integrity, fairness and intellectual rigour amongst our people. These core values drive our culture and investment approach. Our People Policy outlines our approach to attracting and retaining our high performing team.

Modern Slavery Statement

 As a responsible investor we are committed to fairness of human rights. Our Modern Slavery Statement articulates our approach to identify and ensuring modern slavery and human trafficking does not take place in any part of our own business or in any of our supply chains.

Responsible Investment Policy

Our Responsible Investment Policy is our overarching investment policy which sets out our philosophy, impact and investment beliefs. These beliefs are central to all that we do and are imbedded in our mission to deliver mainstream financial returns with environmental and social impact.