What We Do


We are the only investment manager that offers a suite of pure play, global impact fixed income strategies. Our strategies are an effective and easy solution for mainstream investors to make a difference.

We understand that not every client has the same risk tolerance, so we can tailor our strategies to meet your needs.

US$ Liquid
Impact Bond

Low Risk - High Liquidity

Transforming ‘idle cash’ into an agent of positive impact

Institutions and money market funds hold significant amounts of cash, which generate a low financial return but a high level of liquidity. Our Cash Plus strategy offers a potentially higher financial return with a similar level of liquidity, but with the addition of positive environmental and social impact.

Single Currency Impact Bond

Low-Medium Risk - Medium Liquidity

Converting green bonds into a mainstream bond portfolio

As green bonds are a senior debt tranche of high-quality entities, they are highly marketable and can be amongst the most liquid Eurobonds. The liquidity of these Eurobonds means cash is realisable at any time.

Impact Bond

Low-Medium Risk - Medium Liquidity

Diversifying currency exposure within a mainstream multi-currency bond portfolio

Our high-grade multi-currency strategy is an opportunity to access green, social and sustainability bonds within a global fixed income portfolio. Under current market conditions, this portfolio generates a higher yield with a higher credit rating and lower duration than the comparative benchmark. It also has the added advantage of transparency and impact.