AIM has joined forces with fellow UN PRI signatories to combat tropical deforestation linked to soy production and cattle farming, as well as palm oil.  The two Investor Working Groups engage companies exposed to deforestation risks, primarily through their supply chains. Tropical deforestation in particular is linked to greenhouse gas emissions, displacement of local communities and ecological damage.

As a member of the Working Group on Cattle and Soy Production, AIM calls on companies to eliminate deforestation by leveraging the following practices:

  • Awareness and Governance
  • Risk Management and Traceability
  • Strategy and Risk Mitigation
  • Metrics and Monitoring

AIM also fully endorses the investor expectations of the Working Group on Sustainable Palm Oil:

  • No deforestation
  • No development on peat
  • No exploitation of People and Local Communities

AIM’s collaboration with the UN PRI reflects its concern over unsustainable land use practices as well as its commitment towards strengthening ESG standards in this sector.