At AIM, transparency of impact reporting is a key part of our investment philosophy and process. As the impact bond market continues to be expand, detailed and authentic reporting on impact becomes ever more important.

We are delighted to once again have been highlighted by Environmental Finance in their second annual survey on impact reporting best practices.

The report, which focuses on the green bond market, highlights investor concerns over the adequacy of impact reporting.

We believe that it is crucial to build our Impact Reports from the project level upwards, pro-rating the impact to our holdings, to ensure we provide our clients with a clear, authentic account of the impact their investments have made. We are delighted that, out of the 40 green bond funds reviewed in the report, Environmental Finance highlighted our impact reportsas “some of the most comprehensive analysed”.

In the report Katie House from our sustainability team discusses our approach to impact reporting, data collection and the importance of holding all issuers to a set of standards.

You can find a copy of the report here.