AIM is pleased to announce a strategic alliance and a proposed capital investment with SMBC Group. The strategic alliance includes distribution of funds to SMBC Group clients in Japan and an agreement to share impact investing and sustainability expertise and knowledge. 

Since being founded in 2014, AIM’s mission has been to mobilise mainstream capital to address the major challenges the world faces.  AIM’s focus is to manage fixed income portfolios on behalf of clients globally that generate positive environmental and social impact without compromising financial returns. The strategic alliance with SMBC Group, the 14th largest bank globally, will allow AIM to continue to expand the depth of their impact expertise and investment capabilities across its portfolio management, verification, operations and distribution teams. This will enable AIM to continue to be world leading in impact fixed income investing and deliver strong outcomes for clients.

About AIM

Affirmative Investment Management (“AIM”) is a global fixed income manager focussed on delivering mainstream market returns with impact.  AIM manages over US$750m on behalf of clients across the US, Europe, Japan and Australia.  AIM’s focus is to promote robust verification and reporting, along with active engagement, whilst delivering repeatable performance and sustainable impact.

AIM’s approach to managing fixed income impact portfolios has been recognised as world leading. Most recently, AIM was awarded The ESG Investing Awards 2020 Best ESG Investment Fund: Green Bonds, The Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards 2020 Best Sustainability Reporting by an Asset or Fund Manager, Medium and Small (fixed income) and was shortlisted for Australian Impact Investment Award 2019 for Impact Asset Management of the Year.

About SMBC Group

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (“SMBC Group”) is a Japanese multinational banking and financial services institution with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The group operates in over 40 countries with 131 offices across the globe.